Our objectives are to facilitate speaking out against injustice through the medium of film and social media; to build social awareness through the promotion of free speech award-winning films from our annual Free Speech Film Festival, to inspire communities to redress injustice around the world, and to protect the freedoms they have.

At its best, the American Experiment teaches people from different backgrounds to communicate with each other effectively and to live together equitably and peacefully.

We are here to help everyday heroes like you make history every day by taking your sadness, your anger, and your frustration about the disharmony, the injustices that you see happening around you, and turning them into something positive to help the world to become a better, more livable place.

American INSIGHT’s mission is

“To promote the history and values of Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law.”

Based on five years of research into Violet Oakley’s 13 murals in the PA State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, American INSIGHT developed its Free Speech Storyline and Free Speech Film Festival, and discovered the story of Benjamin Chew, Esq. Its Free Speech Archives now contain forty years of institutional history in multimedia formats, and a decade of research about Chew.

The Free Speech Storyline, Festival and Archives form an integral part of American INSIGHT’s first online course, Make History Every Day!. This course will initiate American INSIGHT’s new Free Speech Center, an online educational resource for students of all ages.

This is your opportunity.
Understand your heritage.

Start the conversation. Find your voice!